Deputy of National Independence Party of Azerbaijan chairman on International Issues

Elshan Mustafayev

Elşən Mansur oğlu Mustafayev

Elshan Mustafayev was born in Baku in 1968.

Studied at secondary school No 21 in Baku.

Graduated from Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction in 1995.

He’s a member of NIPA since 1992. In 1996-1999 He was the chairman of NIPA Yasamal District Branch, in 1999-2003 the chairman of NIPA Youth Organization, in 2004-2005 a councilor to NIPA chairman, in 2006-2010 the secretary on Issues of municipalities of NIPA, in 2010-2020 the secretary on International Issues of NIPA, since 2020 he is Deputy of NIPA chairman on International Issues. He’s a member of NIPA Central Council.

He’s married, has two children.